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. the weather threat is also throwing presidential campaign plans off course. with nine days until the election, both candidates adjusted schedules. both canceling events in virginia to focus on other swing states. jan crawford reports. >> reporter: in washington, the president was briefed by fema officials working to coordinate the government's response to the storm. >> this is a serious and big storm. >> reporter: sandy has turned campaign schedules upside down, especially as senator mark warner said in his home state of virginia. >> the storm will throw a little havoc into the race. i was supposed to be with the president and president clinton on monday. that rally has been canceled. >> reporter: the latest polls shows virginia now a dead heat and an important state for romney if he's to win on november 6th. he canceled three campaign events today in the state and instead spent the day in ohio with running mate paul ryan. >> let's, today when we get home, put in our prayers the people who are in the east coast in the wake of this big storm that's coming. >> ohio is another must-win state. to
that at the heart of the disputed 2000 election. in colorado voting has been under way since monday. the most recent poll there shows the candidates in a dead heat, which is why both side are going all out. terrell brown has more. >> reporter: in boulder county, colorado, matt romney jointd volunteers going door to door. >> i'm matt romney. i'm mitt romney 53 son. he's running for president. >> reporter: the campaigns are getting down to basics, hoping personal outreach will help push those final vote. >> doing a good job. >> thank you. >> keep it up. >> nice to meet you, ron. >> nice to meet you all. >> reporter: more than 70% of colorado voters are expected to vote before election day. with the candidates tied, both parties are scrambling to get as many ballots as possible in the bag. >> have you voted yet? >> no, but i have the ballot. >> reporter: at the university of denver, steph winsor and the young democrats were canvassing the campus, offering coffee and donutto help energize the base. nationally, president obama still dominates the youth vote. >> i was call to find out if he was going to b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2